Buddys Early Days - MX Dreams are Achievable

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Buddys Early Days - MX Dreams are Achievable

Hi there friend!

Ever wonder where I started as a dirt bike? Today, I'm gonna give you a little glimpse into my early days! You see I wasn't always this "so-called" amazing motocross racer. Before I started racing, all I had ever done was ride around the track a couple of times... most of my riding was on my property, just putting around and having a good time! But even before that... I was just a little lonely dirt bike, sitting in a shop, waiting for a home!

Whoops, I almost forgot! Let me ask you a question first. What are your goals as a motocrosser? Do you just want to have fun on or off the track on the weekends? Do you want to race competitively but don't have any desire to race the pro circuit? Maybe want to be a pro and race competitively for a championship? Whatever it is, let me just say that's great!

When I first started, I had no desire to be a racer. Sure, I had a sweet motor, some grippy tires & a pipe that just said watch out! But I didn't think twice about racing until Andy dropped me in my first race! Just know, whatever you want to do. You can do it! I believe in you!

Ok, now back to my story...

One sunny Saturday morning, Andy came strolling into the shop I was parked. He went around looking at all the bikes and finally, he came across me. Long story short, I needed a new garage and he just happened to have one! The next thing I knew, I was flying down the highway in the back of his pickup, headed home!

When we got there, he showed me around the garage that would end up being my house and then we headed out into the field to tear up the dirt a bit! After a long day of riding, I was beat and had to rest my wheels. But you can bet it was the best day of my life up until that point!

The next day was just as great and so on until..., you meet me in Buddy Learns Confidence! I'm not going to throw any spoilers out there so you'll just have to read that one yourself, but long story short that was the first time I was really tested as a dirt bike and as a racer!

Anyway, I don't want to get too off topic here... The moral of my story here is that I came from humble beginnings. Most ALL success stories have. I just want you to know that no matter where you are as a rider or racer, as long as you continue to put the time in and grow as an athlete, you will succeed! I am here to help you with guidance and motivation!

Talk to you soon!

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