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How to Start Your Son or Daughter In Motocross: A Parent's Guide

by: Buddy MX

Introduction Motocross is an adrenaline-pumping action sport that has captured the hearts of many enthusiasts around the world. If your child has shown an interest in motocross or if you're a parent looking to introduce them to this exciting world of dirt bikes and high-flying jumps, this guide is here ...

5 Workout Tips for Motocross Riders For Fast Results

by: Buddy MX

If you’re looking to take your motocross performance to the next level, there are several workouts that can help. From cardio and strength training to flexibility exercises and mental practice, these seven workouts can help you get faster results and gain an edge over your competition. Improving Core Strength and ...

5 Fun Motocross Books for Kids - 2023

by: Buddy MX

Motocross is a thrilling sport that combines speed, skill, and adrenaline. It's no wonder that many kids are interested in learning more about it. If you're looking for a way to introduce your child to the world of motocross, there are plenty of great books available that can help.

(Hardcover copies include a BONUS coloring book in the back!)

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Don't Twist the Throttle

Join the mischievous Buddy the Motocross Bike in his silly interactive picture book that kids will enjoy reading time and again.

This picture book for children is an interactive experience for your child to learn to love reading and motocross alike!

Buddy Learns About Patience - Children's Motocross Book About Patience

The Best Children's Books About Motocross

For young motocross enthusiasts, there is now a book series devoted to the exciting sport of dirt biking! The Adventures of Buddy the Motocross Bike, kids MX book series, provides stories and activities that are perfect for kids who want to learn more about this exhilarating motorsport. It covers topics that help your child build their self-esteem and confidence in themselves. With an engaging mix of images and fun learning topics, this book series is sure to excite any moto-enthused kid!

If you are looking for motocross related books for your kids... Look no further! Motocross books for kids are a fantastic way to jump into this thrilling sport. These exciting stories are tailored specifically for young readers, giving them an accessible and fun introduction to the exciting world of motocross & supercross. Choosing our motocross books for kids is sure to provide an entertaining and educational experience for your child.

OR if you're looking for a great place to introduce your child to the thrilling sport of motocross? Look no further! We offer an excellent range of activities specifically geared towards introducing kids to the fun and excitement of motocross. Whether your child is a beginner, an intermediate rider, or even a budding pro racer, they'll get a bunch of excitement from our expanding list of kids motocross activities.