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Goal Setting for Motocross

by: Buddy MX

Good morning! Let's get right into some awesome goal setting tips and tricks for your motocross goals. You may already know some of these, but I hope there are a couple tips here that you can take and use in your MX training arsenal.

Motocross Training Plans

by: Buddy MX

Hi again! Let me start off by asking you a question about your current motocross training. Do you have a good training plan for MX set up? What I mean by this is... Do you have a meal plan, fitness routine & riding schedule all laid out for you so ...

Fun on the Farm with Buddy - Training Tips

by: Buddy MX

Hello! Buddy here again! Today's message is for all you motocross racers out there. I want to give you a little tip while you're training for motocross! Take a trip to Buddy's farm to learn what he does to keep sharp on the motocross track!

(Hardcover copies of the Adventures Series can be found on the Lulu marketplace.)

Featured Book

The Adventures of Buddy the Motocross Bike: Buddy Learns About Patience

Pressing hard and making mistakes, Buddy's frustration grows as he’s unable to get around the slower riders. It’s not until Buddy slows down and makes fewer mistakes that he learns how to go faster!

Join in Buddy's exciting motocross adventure where he learns how to control his emotions a little more and take his time. Thus, improving his lap times and showing that, as the old saying goes, "Slow down to go faster" is in fact accurate.

Buddy Learns About Patience - Children's Motocross Book About Patience

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