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Jump into the Race with Buddy

The first Buddy MX book, The Adventures of Buddy the Motocross Bike: Buddy Learns Confidence was written in 2010 and published in 2012. Two additional books and a companion coloring book have since followed.

Drop the gate and race into the first turn along side Buddy in his exciting adventures around the motocross track.

The Buddy MX Series

The Adventures of Buddy the Motocross Bike series is an exciting and colorful collection of children's books that will delight young motocross fans. The stories feature Buddy, a loveable motorcycle, who goes on many daring adventures while imparting valuable life lessons to young readers.

Enter the chaotic and exciting world of motocross racing from the perspective of a young dirt bike in this thrilling children's book. In this captivating story, your child will follow a young dirt bike's journey as he learns valuable life lessons about determination and perseverance through his experience racing dirt bikes. Get ready for an adrenaline-filled adventure that will keep your child entertained and engaged as they learn about motocross!

Buddy MX Companion Items

The Buddy the Motocross Bike companion items are other books related to Buddy MX but are not part of the "Adventures" series itself.

These include coloring books, early readers stories, short stories, and more. Keep checking back from time to time because we're always adding new exciting motocross action!