Kids Motocross Racing Books

Exciting Motocross Racing Books for KidsBuddy the Motocross Bike - Motocross Racing Kids Book

Here at Buddy MX we enjoy creating really fun and exciting motocross racing books for kids of ALL ages. It’s great for younger kids because the images are colorful and a great depiction of motocross racing for children. It’s also great for older kids and adults because the story is really exciting and engaging. It really makes you feel like you’re in the middle of the motocross race with Buddy and Andy!

We here at Buddy MX love everything about motocross racing and we want you to enjoy motocross racing just as much as we do.

Here’s our list of kids motocross racing books. Feel free to check them out. They will be available for download in any of the app stores soon as well as a PDF version. Also, there is a hard copy version located in the Amazon store.

The Adventures of Buddy the Motocross Bike is a series of children’s motocross racing books written to excite kids and spark their interest in motocross racing. Buddy Learns Confidence is the first in a series to come that teaches children about how if they believe in themselves, they can achieve!

We hope that you enjoy the books! Feel free to send us a message letting us know what you think about them. We are always open to suggestions as to what our readers are interested in reading!